Mikhail Gronas Wins Prestigious Poetry Prize

This year's Московский счет [Moscow Rating] prize for Best Book of Poetry went to Mikhail Gronas (other prizes went to poets including Evgenia Vezhlian, Natalia Azarova, Gennady Kanevsky, Yuli Gugolev and Oleg Chukhontsev).

Earlier this year, Prof. Gronas published his long-awaited second book of poetry, Краткая история внимания [A Short History of Attention]–it had been over ten years since his first book, Дорогие мои сироты [My Dear Orphans] (2001).

Particularly attentive Dartmouth students might notice that the title of Gronas's book is very similar to that of a class he co-taught (with Cognitive Science) in Spring 2020–a great example of the union of scholarship and creative work!