See the Registrar's Web site for the official graduation requirements in the Russian Major.


About the Program

Every major, in consultation with an advisor, will choose a set of electives that will result in a concentration on one of these three areas: language, culture, or literature. Alternatively, those wishing to take courses related to Russian in such disciplines as History, Government, or Economics should consider the Russian Area Studies Major. Both majors require Russian 31, which can be omitted only by a vote of the entire Department.

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  • The Standard Russian Major for those whose interest is primarily in literature and culture, or who simply wish to attain a mastery of the language.
  • The Area Studies Major is intended for those who want to learn Russian and to do work in International Studies.
  • The Minor in Russian is for those who wish to obtain a minor in Russian language and literature.
  • The Minor in Russian Area Studies is for those who want to learn about Russian literature and civilization without advanced language study.
  • A qualified student in any of these majors also has the option of participation in the Honors Program.

Please watch our video about the Russian Department.(click here to watch the video)

In our language program, you can start from scratch, with no prior knowledge of Russian. Or you can place into a higher level by taking our placement exam. Students who wish to take the test should contact our Language Program Director, Alfia Rakova, as the test is being administered in person due to the hand-writing requirement.