The Major in Russian Language and Literature

Prerequisite: RUSS 28.

Requirements: RUSS 29; one course in the sequence 41–42–43; RUSS 71; two courses in the 30s which must include RUSS 31; and one culture course (numbered 10 though 19). In addition, majors must take four additional courses, for a total of 10. Those concentrating on language would select at least some of these four courses from the forties; those focusing in culture would select additional courses in the teens; and those interested primarily in literature would design a major with an emphasis on courses in the thirties. Two courses from the LSA+ may be counted toward the major and counted as a culture course. The culminating experience requirement must be satisfied by completing RUSS 71or RUSS 86. In addition, those writing an honors thesis will enroll in RUSS 87, and may also take RUSS 85 as part of their preparation for the thesis.

The Major in Russian Area Studies

Prerequisite: Russian 3

Requirements: A total of 10 (ten) courses, which must include Russian 27, 28, and 31.

The remaining courses must include at least 2 (two) courses from within the Russian department as well as at least 1 (one) course from History, Government, Economics, Music, or other departments that, together, will provide a coherent and comprehensive study of Russia and/or Ukraine, Belarus or other Eastern European and Central Asian countries. The courses outside of the Russian department must be approved by the Chair.

2 (two) courses from the LSA+ may be counted toward the major.

For the culminating experience course, students may take Russian 71 (with the permission of the instructor) OR, with the approval of the Russian department faculty, designate a course in the Russian department or another department that will serve to satisfy the requirement.

What to do with a major in Russian Area Studies

For students contemplating careers in business, international relations and diplomacy, the major in Russian Area Studies offers courses in Russian geography, Russian history, the Russian political system and Russian culture. Russia is the largest country in the world — a land of huge untapped resources endowed with a rich cultural heritage. Through these courses, students gain an understanding of its vast ethnic and religious diversity.