Digital Resources

There is a wealth of information on East European, European and Russia on the Internet. Here is a list of some of the best and most useful sites.

Online Books & Journals

  • The Slavic Review. An "American Quarterly of Russian, Eurasian and East European Studies."

News Sources

Russian History

  • The Russian Revolution 
  • Russian History Homepage. On this page you can find Russian historical texts in English. They are divided by period: Russian history before 1800, Russian history 1801-1991, Russian history 1905-30
  • Bucknell Russian Materials Page. This page attempts to capture the flavor of the rich diversity evolving over Russian history and hence depends as much on the endeavors of others as those of the Russian Studies Program. We hope you enjoy your visit and learn more about the origins of the Russians and their neighbors. 
  • Royal Russia. A History of the Romanov Dynasty & The Russian Monarchy.
  • The Chairman Smiles: Posters from the Former Soviet Union, Cuba and China. The former Soviet Union, Cuba and China: three countries where posters played an important political role and got a large amount of artistic attention as well. This is a selection of 145 political posters, famous masterpieces next to equally beautiful, but unknown examples, drawn from the collection of the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam.


  • The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire. This site includes characteristic data on population, and native language status, from Abazians to Yukaghirs. The present volume represents the first major attempt to draw public attention to those peoples whose existence is truly marked by the threat of extinction.