Welcome Jasmina Savic!

Jasmina Savic, Lecturer in Russian Studies

Her research focuses on late-Soviet and post-Soviet literature and culture, gender and sexuality, erotica and pornography, émigré and underground literature of the late-Soviet period, and public performance. She also more broadly examines cross-cultural taboos and sociopolitical discourses revolving around them. She is interested in comparative studies of (Soviet) Russian, Yugoslav, and U.S. censorships, cultural restrictions, official bans and prohibitions of sexually explicit materials, and anti-obscenity laws.

Before joining the faculty at Dartmouth, Savic taught at the University of Arizona and was a Research Scholar at the Russian, Eastern European and Eurasian Center (REEEC) at University of Illinois. She taught Russian, Slavic cultures, literature, and language courses. At Dartmouth, she teaches courses in Russian and East European Cinema, Modern Russia, Taboo Russia, and Russian language.


20th- and 21st-century Russian literature and culture / sexuality and literary pornography / taboo discourses / postmodernism / South Slavic languages and cultures  

Jasmina Savic will be teaching the following courses:

Fall 2021
Russ 14: The Age of Brainwashing: A History of Russian and Eastern European Film - Savic – 12

Spring 2022
RUSS 38.xx: Modern Russia and its Culture: Historical Roots and Global Context - Savic, TBD

Office: Reed Hall, room 212