Russian Classes 29 & 42 Students Trip to Boston Cafe St. Petersburg

Alexander Joel, Madeleine Shaw: This summer, my friends from Russian classes (29 and 42) and I went to Boston to try real Russian cuisine at Cafe St. Petersburg. The trip, supported by the East European, Eurasian, and Russian Studies Department, was a wonderful adventure and one of my favorite experiences of this summer.

After arriving at the restaurant, we met Sergei, the waiter our professor Alfia Rakova had made a reservation with. For appetizers, we ordered pirozhki for everyone and, for the second course, borscht, chicken barbecue, and, of course, Siberian pelmeni with sour cream. For dessert, Sergey brought us blinchiki with cherries for free! We thanked him for his hospitality and took a photo with him holding a Dartmouth mug given to him by another Dartmouth group of students.

Overall, our trip to Boston was a valuable language-learning experience and an incredible memory. We are very grateful to the Department and our wonderful professor!