Students Enjoy Slavic Formal

This past Friday students of and tangential to Dartmouth's Russian department gathered in the picturesque grounds of SAE's basement to enjoy Russian music, culture, and an electric exchange of the language. The event, formally known as Slavic Formal was organized by students in the 3rd level of the first year of Russian offered at Dartmouth. While the original patriots of the event were primarily Russian 3 students, drill instructors, upper level Russian Students, and friends of the department participated in the festivities. As the sounds of Мой Мармеладный by Katya Lel, and Не Учите Меня Жить by ARi Sam Vii penetrated the damp basement air, students representing various proficiencies in Russian sang along in an off kilter harmony in an indisputable demonstration of the strong community fostered by the Russian Department. First year Russian student, Emma Coulter '26 fiercely enjoyed the playlist, saying, "I've been listening to the playlist curated for Russian formal on repeat for the past two weeks. I just can't get enough!" Other attendees gave the event rave reviews:

Daniela Maksin '26: "The event was so wonderfully put together that it honestly makes me want to have Slavic Formal every week!"

Kara Davis '26: "It was magical. I don't know what to say. It rendered me speechless. Such good company from the Russian department!"

Emeline Moss '26: "I thought that all of the Russian students were very welcoming to the non-Russian crowd. They really showed me how to have a good time!"

Sophie Cohen '26: I've met some of my best friends at Dartmouth through Russian and am going to the Baltics with the department this summer. I love the community and it was amazing to be able to organize an event that so many people ended up coming to."

Some students even went above and beyond, delivering sentiments entirely in the Russian that they picked up during their first year of study:

Kevin Berghuis '23: "Мне было очень приятно ходить в "Русский Формал". Как группа, мы говорили по-русски, танцевали под русскую музыку, играли в игры, и пили красный вкусный русский напиток. В Дартмуте есть очень живая община студентов русского языка. Я надеюсь, что у русского факультета будет много вечеринок в будущем."

Gus '23: "Мне было очень весело танцевать со всеми моими русскими друзьями на Slavic Formal. Я любил русскую музыку и напитки. Я надеюсь, что в будущем будет еще много Slavic Formals."

The success of the event has inspired students from the Russian department to continue engaging with other department organized activities including Russian tea, with hopes of more student-organized events in the terms to come.