Russian Placement Test

The Russian Language Placement Test

In our language program, you can start from scratch, with no prior knowledge of Russian. Or you can place into a higher level by taking our placement exam.

If you have not yet studied Russian: Register for Russian 1.

If you have studied Russian or you speak Russian at home: Take our Placement Test.

The 90-minute test is offered for incoming first-year Dartmouth students in September. It consists of a series of assignments involving topics of grammar, vocabulary, and structure.

The results you receive on the test will place you to one of our introductory, intermediate, or advanced language courses.

Do not register for the language courses until you hear about your placement results.

If you have questions, please contact Professor Alfia Rakova, Language Program Director.



The Russian placement exam is to be completed in accordance with the Dartmouth College Academic Honor Principle. Every student who applies to and is accepted by Dartmouth College has agreed to abide by the provisions of the Honor Principle as long as he or she remains a student at the College.

Please note the following provision of the Honor Principle: Any student giving or receiving assistance during an examination or quiz violates the Academic Honor Principle. Students are therefore expected to take the Russian placement exam on their own, without help from others or from a reference source, and to do so to the best of their ability.